About us

The Hellenic Graduate Student Association (HGSA) at University at Buffalo aims to unite the Greek UB students as well as every other student or member of the greater Buffalo, NY community that is interested in Hellenic culture, tradition, history and education. The club has been active for more than a decade and throughout these years, it has played a major role in familiarizing new-coming Greek students with the university and helping them through their first steps.

Among the club's activities are regular picnics which provide our guests with an opportunity for getting acquainted with the Mediterranean cuisine. Moreover, throughout the year, we never miss a chance to organize various events and parties, having fun, socializing, and meeting with people from all over the world!

In the recent past, the Hellenic GSA and the Turkish GSA took the initiative to hold the "Greek-Turkish Night". This event was dedicated to the promotion of friendship between the two neighboring countries and provided a unique opportunity for the UB community to taste traditional food and desserts from both countries and dance with contemporary and traditional music from both cultures.

The club meets once a week in 206 Ketter Hall in North Campus. Any of you who is interested in joining our club and participating in its diverse activities is more than welcome!

Newcoming Students (Greek or not)

Dear newcoming students, for any type of information regarding your first steps at University at Buffalo, please contact our Vice President, George Sklivanitis; he'll be more than glad to assist you with anything you may need!

Anouncements & Events

June 2012
  • Enjoying the summer break!
  • New homepage is up and running! :)

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Contact the Hellenic GSA

For further information on the Hellenic GSA, feel free to contact any of our officers:
Panos Markopoulos, President
George Sklivanitis, Vice President
Aikaterini Stefanaki, Treasurer
Maria Koliou, Secretary
Panagiotis Mistriotis, Senator
Nicholas Tsagkarakis, Senator